Enjoy the Convenience and Ease of Restoring Damaged Teeth with One-Day Crown Services

A dental crown is an excellent solution for a badly damaged or decayed tooth requiring additional support and strength. A dental crown is a dual-purpose restoration that restores your tooth’s structural integrity while enhancing its aesthetics. 

Unfortunately, getting a traditional crown involves several appointments spanning several weeks. But guess what? At Brentwood Dental Care, Brentwood, California, we can restore your tooth with a dental cap in a single visit! Dr. Don Mungcal has invested in CEREC technology to ensure the entire dental crown treatment is completed in one appointment.

Why you may need a dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap worn over a damaged or aesthetically unappealing tooth. Although dental crowns are small, they have numerous uses in dental care. Your doctor may recommend a dental crown to:

  • Strengthen a decayed or damaged tooth
  • Reinforce a tooth after a root canal
  • Cap off a dental implant
  • Secure a dental bridge
  • Cosmetically improve a severely discolored or misshapen tooth
  • Replace a large, worn-out filling

While dental crowns are real heavyweights in dentistry, many patients are turned off by the lengthy treatment. But not anymore! Now, you can get a dental crown in one convenient visit. We know what you are thinking: What’s the catch? There must be something you compromise with a single-visit crown. In truth, a single-day dental crown looks and functions exactly like traditional crowns but faster!

The “magic” behind same-day dental crowns

Single-day dental crowns are created through an in-office appointment using sophisticated technology. The process begins after grinding down and reshaping the tooth enamel. After tooth preparation, we’ll digitally scan your mouth to create a customized impression of your tooth. Then, using computer-assisted design (CAD) technology, we design your crown to fit the exact specifications of your tooth. 

After we approve the crown design, we send the image to an in-house milling machine that carves the crown from a ceramic block within 15-20 minutes. Once your crown is ready, we only make a few adjustments to it because it’s made with utmost precision. 

The final step is to use dental cement to bond the crown to your tooth. Thanks to CEREC technology, a tooth can go from decayed, damaged, or missing to fully restored and functional in less than two hours. 

Restore damaged teeth with same-day dental crowns

Would you like to repair your afflicted tooth without the wait and the need to wear a temporary crown? Please call (310) 444-9900 to schedule an appointment with Brentwood Dental Care.

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